Published On: April 6, 2023
Published By: Paul Fenrich
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Window Maintenance

If you have ever had to purchase windows for your home, you know that it is a large investment. At Fenrich Custom Finishes not only finish new windows, but we can also refinish your old windows.

When purchasing new windows in need of finish work be that stain or paint, we can finish them, so they look great for years to come. FCF will work with your contractor to have the windows prefinished prior to them being installed. Finishing them in our shop will give you a better finish as well as keeping the mess and odor out of your home. Any existing stain or paint can be color matched. If you have had or are going to have anyone finish your window for you, make sure they finish all the edges specified by the manufacturer. Many times, we find windows that have started to rot due to the exterior side of the frames never being finished. You would see this from the outside of your home when the windows are
open. We have also found window sashes that were never removed and finished all the way around the edges. This would also require all the hardware to be taken off then reinstalled. If your home was built in the winter or your contractor was lazy, there is a high probability of this.

Existing windows may require cleaning and recoating. Stained windows will show wear and tear from the sun beating on them as well as condensation over time. Sometimes this requires a complete strip and refinish, and other times we can't touch up and apply and a fresh coat. Technology in coatings has come a long way in the last couple decades, the best products for durability are catalyzed spray only finishes such as a 2K polly or a conversion varnish.

Gaskets can deteriorate and go bad over time. If we notice any bad gaskets during the finishing process, often we can source and install new gaskets. If your gaskets are bad, it will cause drafts in your home, as well as rot out your windows. The difference from the interior temperature to the exterior will cause condensation to form causing failure overtime.

Staying on top of your window maintenance will be a great investment over the long run.

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