Published On: May 2, 2023
Published By: Paul Fenrich
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Why You Should Hire A Professional To Pressure Wash Your Home, Decks And Concrete Surfaces

Every home has surfaces which will need pressure washing. Exterior concrete surfaces such as patios, foundations, sidewalks, and driveways will aways look best if they are washed regularly. Over time, decks, siding, and gutters will have buildup of mildew and dust. Pressure washing will not only help extend the life of their coatings but also keep them looking beautiful. 

I strongly encourage people to hire a professional to pressure wash their home as opposed to doing it themselves. Countless things that can go wrong when you pressure wash. If pressure washing is done incorrectly, you can seriously damage the substrate, sometimes beyond repair. Pressure washers come with different tips for different types of jobs. Chemicals are sometimes needed for washing, and other times they are not. If the wrong chemicals are used, they can damage coatings and even kill plants.

When washing decks, you never want to start and stop directly pointed at the wood. You will cause pressure marks, or even etch the wood. Those marks will show even more when you go to apply your stain. Patio washers are not recommended on decks, these will create swirl marks that will be etched into the boards. 

When washing patios or driveways, it is best to use a rotary surface cleaner. (I call these patio washers) These are best when washing larger surfaces and will not leave stripes like a typical wand will. 

Safety is a big concern as well. If you do not have the right equipment, you can put yourself in dangerous situations. When washing the entire exterior of a home you should be using a typical wand as well as an extension wand. The extension wands come in all sizes, and the good ones come with a sling to help prevent you from pulling muscles. It is best to do most of the job from the ground as opposed to climbing up on a wet roof or ladder. If a pressure wand is used incorrectly, it can cause serious injury and in some cases death. At all times keep the wand pointed in a safe direction. Also, make sure that the tip is clicked into place properly before use.

Some surfaces on homes are not meant to be washed with a pressure washer, sometimes a soft wash is required with scrubbing and a hose. Some soffits and dormers you need to be careful around as to not shoot water into your home. This can cause mold and rot on the inside of your house. 

If you have a pressure washing project, please be safe and research product recommendations. It is always better to hire an insured professional to handle these projects.  We also provide regular maintenance washing on an as needed basis. Give us a call to get your pressure washing scheduled.

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