10 Tips On Preparing For A Painting Contractor In Your Home

  1. Move everything possible out of the area that is being painted. We don’t want to damage anything, and we want to be as efficient as possible.
  2.  Make sure the rooms are clean. Dust off woodwork and walls, Bathroom walls should be scrubbed free of shampoo residue. Floors and toilets should be cleaned in bathrooms (nobody wants to paint behind a gross toilet).
  3.  Offer the painters the chance to use the bathroom and show them where it is.
  4.  Sometimes the thermostat needs to be adjusted for optimal drying conditions. Show the painters where it is and how to use it.
  5.  Remove nails from the wall which you would like to have filled. The painter will gladly fill them properly for you.
  6.  Make sure your pets are out of the work area. The last thing you want is a dog to run away, or track paint all over your home.
  7.  If you are sensitive to odor, stay away from the work area.
  8.  If you have questions or changes to the job, try your best to bring them up before the job begins.
  9.  Disconnect and label any cable or network wiring appropriately so you can have an easy reassembling process.
  10. Ask about the timeline of the job, and how it will affect being at home.

3 Tips For Hiring A Quality Paint Contractor

The following tips should be kept in mind when you are looking into finding a quality oriented professional painter:

  1. Quick Timelines. Most painters that have an established reputable business will have their schedules booked out for some time. The days of calling contractors in any field and having immediate availability are gone. Trades people are in high demand due to a lack of workers going into the trades. If you are looking for estimates and a contractor has immediate availability it may be a red flag. However, jobs do get rescheduled or pushed off, and weather can be one of the hardest scheduling hurdles. If you want a quality job and to save a little money, please plan ahead on any project in your home. 
  1. Cheaper Is Almost Never Better. In the situation of seeking high quality, often the cheaper quote will not be what you are shopping for. A low costing quote signifies one of three things:
    • 1: They do not plan on taking all the necessary steps to provide the grade of quality desired. Time is money, and if they did not figure in enough time, there will be shortcuts taken. 
    • 2: Overhead is low. An experienced painting company will know their worth, as well as pay their painters a good wage. Liability and workman's comp insurance are expensive, and you do not want someone underinsured working on your home. Reliable transportation and equipment are essential to completing your job on time. This isn’t to say that a one man show company with low overhead can't produce quality. 
    • 3: Materials: When having a painter work on your home, a huge percentage of the cost is the labor. Many times, a lesser quality product will be used to help offset some of the labor expenses. Depending on the type of job, materials can be as small as 5% of the total cost of a job. Why wouldn’t you want to use the best paint available? 
  1. Experience Is Important. Experience is valuable! Not only in the sense they know the correct procedures and materials to produce a good product, but they also have years of knowledge in what to do to avoid problems. Every paint company and painter has made mistakes, that is normal and part of learning. Accountability and learning from these mistakes are what helps them grow.

When you are reviewing estimates for a quality paint job, keep in mind; time frame, cost, and level of experience.