10 Tips On Preparing For A Painting Contractor In Your Home

  1. Move everything possible out of the area that is being painted. We don’t want to damage anything, and we want to be as efficient as possible.
  2.  Make sure the rooms are clean. Dust off woodwork and walls, Bathroom walls should be scrubbed free of shampoo residue. Floors and toilets should be cleaned in bathrooms (nobody wants to paint behind a gross toilet).
  3.  Offer the painters the chance to use the bathroom and show them where it is.
  4.  Sometimes the thermostat needs to be adjusted for optimal drying conditions. Show the painters where it is and how to use it.
  5.  Remove nails from the wall which you would like to have filled. The painter will gladly fill them properly for you.
  6.  Make sure your pets are out of the work area. The last thing you want is a dog to run away, or track paint all over your home.
  7.  If you are sensitive to odor, stay away from the work area.
  8.  If you have questions or changes to the job, try your best to bring them up before the job begins.
  9.  Disconnect and label any cable or network wiring appropriately so you can have an easy reassembling process.
  10. Ask about the timeline of the job, and how it will affect being at home.